Welcome To Roleplay MC!

If you're not new to Minecraft, you must be aware of popular servers such as Hypixel, The Hive MC, & Mineplex(Sorta)? This is known as a server network filled with mini-games or multiple gamemodes. In this case, Roleplay MC(RPMC) is a network of RPG servers. Welcome to the Network, and welcome to the future of Roleplay within Minecraft.

We contain a number of interesting RP servers, here's an example of what we've got going on:

Marvel MC - 

Be a Hero, Villain, or Mercenary/Assassin that has been published under the name of Marvel Comics. Complete quests for illegal Symbiote(and other rewards), fight crime(or fight the law), & meet some of your amazing childhood foes. You can also participate in events such as an Infinity War against Thanos with his ally Loki, Symbiote Invasions in super hero city to fight off Venom's black viruses, and you can even come up with Marvel-Related events on your own!

Roleplay Space Adventures - 

Survive on Earth, trade in your materials for enough money to purchase a spaceship & travel to other areas to enconter aliens, live in other places, get a closer view of the sun, etc. From time to time we do drop parties to give players an opportunity to earn Jetpacks, Spacesuits, and we even hold events to give people a Tamed Extra-Terrestrial! ( You don't want to mess with them.. )

Injustice Craft -

Be a Hero, or a Villain. (and a small number of Assassins) That is within the Injustice Console game, (excluding MK Characters) complete quests, unlock Ultimate Edition, complete quests, and have clashes with anyone you desire at iconic places such as the Batcave's Armory, the Fortress of Solitude, the Bar located in Metropolis, etc! We oven hold invents to unlock more costumes involving your character like the God Suit, better color quality, improved protection, any many more interesting perks. This is a free-selection server, swap out until you find the character perfect for you to main as!

You can join our Discord server at https://discord.gg/8rb3ZrS !

Would you like to donate for improved greatness of the network? We serve perks on the site's Shop, or for generosity purchases & ensuring the site stays open, you can donate here. (This doesn't always guarantee a perk in return, but it still can!)

If we have not met you on our community yet, join Minecraft's Era Of RP using the server ip RoleplayMC.us